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“Speaking of Africa and luxury in the same breath would have seemed unimaginable even at the new millennium. 

But in the last two decades, both the continent itself and the world’s perception of high-end goods have changed dramatically. The two apparently opposite worlds have grown closer – completely naturally.

Nature is the essence of luxury today, which is why we have named the fifth CNI Luxury Conference, “The Nature of Luxury.” I have often talked about the power of human hands, and sewing, dyeing, and embroidery. What the West celebrates as essential skills for the highest levels of couture have been part of daily life for centuries across the countries of Africa.

The most dramatic change in Africa is the sheer size of its population, 60 per cent of which is under age 30. In Nigeria alone, there are more weddings each year than there are in the whole of Europe – with each guest buying multiple outfits for the many ceremonies involved.

“The Nature of Luxury” is a bold attempt to dream the not-so-impossible dream: To make clothes, accessories, and jewellery that promote the protection of our planet; to meld age-old traditional talent with a digital future. And, above all, for the luxury industry to continue to grow in a changing world – with a focus on contemporary values and a belief that invention is essential.

Do come and join us in Cape Town on the 10th and 11th of April 2019, when a panel of speakers from the international fashion and tech industries, together with African experts and entrepreneurs will share their insights on luxury in our ever-changing world.”

Suzy Menkes, Editor, Vogue International


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The Condé Nast International Luxury Conference is the premier event for luxury business and creative leaders.

Curated and hosted by Suzy Menkes – Editor, Vogue International – the conference draws on Suzy’s expertise, experience and network, as well as the collective influence of Condé Nast International’s publications, including Vogue, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller, AD and WIRED.

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500 attendees from over 30 countries attend the conference for two days of learning, networking and fun. The event includes an on-stage programme of talks, interviews and discussions with creative and business speakers, as well as social events, enabling attendees to make the most of their time.

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