2019 Schedule

Tuesday 9 April

18.30 – 20.30

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Wednesday 10 April

08.15 – 17.50

Conference Day One

19.45 – 00.00

Condé Nast International and Guaranty Trust Bank Party

Thursday 11 April 

08.30 – 16.30

Conference Day Two


Opening of African Fashion International Cape Town Fashion Week
(AFICTFW will take place on 12-13 April at Cape Town International Convention Centre. See AFI website for further information)


Conscious consumerism and sustainable luxury
Consumer choices are increasingly driven by shared values and beliefs, rather than product and branding alone. What does this mean for luxury and fashion houses? How must brands consider the wider impact of their activities?

What does “sustainable” mean for an industry built on desire, consumption and constant change? Suzy Menkes will explore the seeming paradox of sustainability in fashion and luxury.

The power and opportunity of Afrocentric luxury
With one of the youngest populations in the world, the African continent will provide the global luxury and fashion industry with a demographic dividend. But Afrocentric luxury draws in the wider African diaspora – a market worth billions. How can the luxury industry be part of this new movement? Additionally, how is luxury and creativity from the African continent now going global?

Strategies for luxury success
As well as African opportunities, Suzy Menkes and speakers will explore the global luxury environment – from China to the U.S., Italy to Ghana, France to the Middle East.

The ongoing influence of technology on the luxury and fashion world
AI, VR, blockchain, endless new materials, and devices in a constant state of upgrade: technology’s power over the luxury and fashion world gets stronger and stronger. How should the industry harness this, and how can brands best prepare for the future? In a series of new sessions, the future-oriented gaze of WIRED magazine will turn to the luxury and fashion industry.

The true meaning of luxury
With myriad consumer expectations and definitions, how can the industry deliver “luxury”? What are the keys to determining the meaning of luxury for any one specific consumer? Is it possible for brands to represent monolithic luxury to all consumers? Or is segmentation and personalisation now the only successful approach? Speakers will discuss and debate.

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Bespoke Wine Tours for delegates


Welcome Cocktail Reception for all attendees


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Conference Commences: Opening Sessions

Welcome Remarks
Jo-Ann Strauss, Master of Ceremonies

Welcome Remarks

Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman and Chief Executive, Condé Nast International

Welcome to the Nature of Luxury

Suzy Menkes, Editor, Vogue International, Condé Nast International

Gucci’s Nature of Luxury
Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO, Gucci, in conversation with Suzy Menkes
In this opening conversation, Suzy Menkes will discuss with Marco Bizzarri the role of business in society, inclusivity in fashion, and the secrets of Gucci’s ongoing success.

Authenticity and Storytelling in Africa
Hanneli Rupert
, Founder and Creative Director, Merchants on Long & Okapi
Passionate about luxury from the African continent, Hanneli Rupert combines her work for her own brand, Okapi, with her retail activities at Merchants On Long, guided by craftsmanship, ethics and sustainability.

Contemporary African Culture
Laduma Ngxokolo
, Founder and Designer, MAXHOSA AFRICA
Combining heritage with modernity, Laduma Ngxokolo will share how he uses colour, dynamism and energy to bring traditional Xhosa culture to the world stage.

Bringing Nature into High Jewellery
Nicolas Bos
, President and CEO, Van Cleef & Arpels
Overseeing both the business and creative sides of the high jewellery house, Nicolas Bos will discuss how Van Cleef & Arpels has become synonymous with nature, and explore the evolving jewellery buyer.


Morning Refreshments


Conference Continues: Feel Good, Do Good

Inclusive Global Beauty
Susan Akkad, Senior Vice President, Local and Cultural Innovation, The Estée Lauder Companies
Linked to aspirations and desire, beauty and cosmetics have a deep significance to consumers across the world. Combining inclusivity and diversity with commercial insights, Susan Akkad share her view of a multi-ethnic world of beauty.

Speed Session: The Inspiring Possibility of Baobab

Andrew Hunt, Co-Founder, Aduna
The Baobab Tree is a symbol of Africa – discover its magical properties, its journey to global superfood status, and its potential for delivering transformation across the continent.

Stopping Violence Against Women

Rosario Perez, Board Director, Kering Foundation, in conversation with Suzy Menkes
The mission statement of the Kering Foundation is to combat violence against women. Board member Rosario Perez will discuss corporate citizenship and highlight specific projects and results achieved.

Modern Luxury
Alessandro Bogliolo, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co., in conversation with Suzy Menkes
Alessandro Bogliolo will speak with Suzy Menkes about combining New York glamour with a modern sensibility, consumer transparency, the company’s activities in Africa, and how it a 182-year-old jewellery house can appeal to tomorrow’s customers.





Conference Continues: Future Luxury

The Afrocentric Luxury Opportunity
Uche Pézard, CEO, Luxe Corp. Group; Founder and Chief Curator, Luxury Connect Africa
With one of the youngest populations, the African continent provides the global luxury and fashion industry with a tremendous market opportunity. But Afrocentric luxury also includes the wider African diaspora. How can global luxury brands be part of this? And how is luxury and creativity from Africa going global?

WIRED x Luxury
Greg Williams
, Editor, WIRED UK
Greg Williams will turn the future-oriented gaze of WIRED magazine on to the luxury industry. He will outline the direction of digital and technological development – and how it impacts luxury and fashion.

Speed Session: @noonoouri
Joerg Zuber
, Creator, @noonoouri; Managing Director, Opium Effect
With her attitudes of cute, curious and couture, the digital influencer Noonoouri is fast-becoming a fixture on fashion’s front row. Her creator, Joerg Zuber, will discuss how pixels and creativity unite, and what this means for the luxury industry.

Shaping Fashion’s Future
Omoyemi Akerele
, Founder and Executive Director, Lagos Fashion Week
The future of luxury fashion in Africa lies in moving the conversation beyond the beauty of craftsmanship to the significant role it can play in creating more value within the gradually evolving ecosystem. Omoyemi Akerele will explain how collaborative working can help build a network of thriving luxury businesses that positively impact Africa’s economy through creative exchange, knowledge transfer, skills development, and wealth creation.

Artistry, Business and Transformation in African Fashion
Folake Coker
, Founder and Creative Director, Tiffany Amber
Celebrating her 20th year in business, Tiffany Amber Founder and Creative Director Folake Coker will discuss her journey, her inspirations and her ambitions for African fashion.

Education, Opportunity and Inspiration
Lupo Lanzara
, Deputy Chairman, Accademia Costume & Moda
Growth in the fashion and luxury industry must be supported by a foundation of knowledge. Lupo Lanzara will share his views on the evolution of fashion education, heritage vs. internationalism, and his thoughts on the next generation of designers and creative figures.

Contemporary Art and Culture in Africa
Jochen Zeitz
, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, Zeitz MOCAA; Co-Founder, The B Team; Founder, Zeitz Foundation and The Long Run
As a passionate art collector and one of the driving forces behind Cape Town’s landmark museum of contemporary art, Jochen Zeitz has a unique insight into the unique significance of Africa’s artistic and cultural landscape.


Afternoon Refreshments


Conference Continues: From Africa to the World

African Style and Creativity on the Global Stage
Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Founder and Executive Chairperson, African Fashion International, in conversation with Suzy Menkes
In this conversation, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe will share her ambitions for the role of Africa in the global luxury and fashion market, and her vision for African creativity, manufacturing and retail.

Speed Session: The Future of Luxury
Johan Maree
, Co-Founder and Chairperson, Wildlife ACT
Jo Maree will bring a unique perspective on what luxury will truly mean in the future.

The Power of African Inspiration
Laudomia Pucci
, Deputy Chairman and Image Director, Emilio Pucci
The Florentine house of Pucci has long taken inspiration from Africa for its prints and fabrics, as well as promoting diversity on the runway starting well over 50 years ago. Laudomia Pucci will talk about how Africa motivates the house today.

From Accra to the World, via New York – Fashion as Agent of Change
Abrima Erwiah
, Co-Founder, Studio One Eighty Nine
Turning sustainability into a vibrant and energetic style, Studio One Eighty Nine Co-Founder Abrima Erwiah will share how she is working with Rosario Dawson to create fashion with meaning, and an enterprise that brings to fore craftsmanship, handmade luxury and a social sensibility.

Laurence Graff OBE, Chairman and Founder, Graff, in conversation with Suzy Menkes
In an extremely rare on-stage interview, Laurence Graff OBE will discuss with Suzy Menkes Graff’s work in Africa, his philanthropic initiatives, and his passion for art, as well as sharing insights into a life in diamonds.


Close of Day One Conference


Condé Nast International and Guaranty Trust Bank Party


Morning Refreshments


Conference Day Two Commences: Business and Responsibility

Day Two Welcome
Jo-Ann Strauss, Master of Ceremonies

Day Two Welcome Remarks
Suzy Menkes
, Editor, Vogue International, Condé Nast International

Bruce Cleaver
, Chief Executive Officer, De Beers Group
Bruce Cleaver will speak about the meaning of luxury and why social and environmental sustainability sits at the heart of “A Diamond Is Forever”.

Investing in Luxury
Wendy Yu
, Founder and CEO, Yu Holdings
Interviewed by Lauren Indvik, Chief Editor, Vogue Business
Investor and philanthropist Wendy Yu has brought a new energy and dynamism to the international fashion and luxury community. She will give an insight into her investment strategy and principles, as well as her thoughts on the modern luxury consumer.

Reinventing Florentine Luxury
Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, Chief Executive Officer, Salvatore Ferragamo
Recently anointed CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi will share her plan for the brand, her views on the luxury consumer, and the role of “Made in Italy”.

Thoughtful Luxury: How Business and Creativity can Drive Sustainability and Growth
-Christopher Raeburn
, Creative Director,RÆBURN and Timberland
-Jochen Zeitz, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, Zeitz MOCAA; Co-Founder,The B Team; Founder, Zeitz Foundation and The Long Run
-Sylvie Bénard
, Environment Director, LVMH
Discussion moderated by Jo-Ann Strauss and Suzy Menkes
What actions should the luxury and fashion industry take to reduce its environmental impact? How can business growth be reconciled with sustainability at the top of the agenda? Designer Christopher Raeburn, Environmentalist Jochen Zeitz and LVMH insider Sylvie Bénard will discuss what different fashion and luxury stakeholders can bring to the table.

Speed Session: The Cape Floristic Region / The Business Case for Sustainable Business
Yumnaa Firfirey
, Chair, Table Mountain Fund; Head of Sustainability, Scatec Solar
The Cape Floristic Region is one of the world’s natural wonders. Yumnaa Firfirey will talk about her passion for the natural environment, sustainable development and entrepreneurship.



Morning Refreshments


Conference Continues: Luxury Today

Building Brand Loyalty with the Luxury Consumer of Tomorrow
-Alison Bringé
, Chief Marketing Officer, Launchmetrics
-Morin Oluwole
, Global Head of Luxury, Facebook and Instagram
Discussion moderated by Greg Williams, Editor, WIRED UK
This discussion will explore the evolution of the luxury industry, global consumer behaviours, and the different roles of various digital channels in brand communications.

What is Luxury Today?
Simone Cipriani
, Head and Founder, Ethical Fashion Initiative at the International Trade Centre
The Ethical Fashion Initiative develops ethical supply chains in the global fashion and luxury industry, bringing together artisans and craftspeople with international brands. Simone Cipriani will talk about his work, investment in social capital, and the true nature of luxury today.

Investing in Creativity and Empowerment
-Roberta Annan
, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Impact Fund for African Creatives
-Yvonne Fasinro
, Founder, Adara Foundation
Discussion moderated by Jo-Ann Strauss and Suzy Menkes
At the helm of a new €100 million fund that has a mandate to invest in fashion brands across Africa, Roberta Annan is part of the financial and business community putting support behind creativity. Yvonne Fasinro’s Adara Foundation is part of a movement of empowerment and development, bringing together Nigerian fabric workers as well as investing in education and arts. This session will explore the growth and development of creativity in Africa.            





Conference Continues

Speed Session: The “Luxury” of Water
Kholosa Magudu, Freshwater Project Manager, WWF South Africa
Water is essential to life. But the supply of water is under greater pressure than ever before – in this session, WWF South Africa’s Kholosa Magudu will share her thoughts on what needs to be achieved if water is not to become a “luxury” item.

South African, from Materials to Manufacture
Justine Schafer
, Creative Director, Cape Cobra
Cape Cobra is one of the world’s leading leather goods manufacturers. Creative Director Justine Schafer will speak about how she harnesses local resources, talent and production skills to bring South African luxury to the world stage.

The Power and Joy of African Retail
-Ituen Basi
, Founder, Ituen Basi
-Reni Folawiyo
, Founder and CEO, Alara
-Tope Edu
, Owner, O3X; Franchise Director, Ermenegildo Zegna
Discussion moderated by Jo-Ann Strauss and Suzy Menkes
In this discussion, designer Tope Edu, retailer Reni Folawiyo, and business leader Tope Edu will explore the evolution, practicalities and future of retail in Africa.

The Gateway to Luxury
Arthur Arbesser in conversation with Suzy Menkes
Vienna-born, Milan-based designer Arthur Arbesser is making his mark on the global fashion world with his own brand and his work for Tod’s Group. Combining a sweet sensibility with sophisticated fabrics, he represents a new generation of luxury, which he will discuss with Suzy Menkes.

Jo-Ann Strauss, Master of Ceremonies

Closing Remarks
Suzy Menkes
, Editor, Vogue International, Condé Nast International

Closing Remarks
Jonathan Newhouse
, Chairman and Chief Executive, Condé Nast International


Closing Remarks followed by Close of 2019 Conference


Opening of African Fashion International Cape Town Fashion Week (AFICTFW) taking place on 12-13 April

12-13 April 2019

African Fashion International Cape Town Fashion Week

African Fashion International Cape Town Fashion Week
Cape Town International Convention Centre
-See AFI website for more details.



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